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The Wall Street Journal this morning reports on a new Silicon Valley-based startup called Deliv, which is offering same-day delivery services for stores and malls around the country.

According to the story, "Deliv has reached agreement to offer its delivery operation out of new malls like the Beverly Center in Los Angeles—  bringing its total to 30— and will be begin operations in Seattle, Houston, Washington, D.C., and Northern New Jersey, said Chief Executive Daphne Carmeli. It already offers same-day delivery at several sites in San Francisco, San Jose, Calif., Chicago and Los Angeles."

The offering takes two forms - retailers can use it to deliver products bought in-store or via their websites, or consumers can use it "to drop off their merchandise at booths or with mall employees for delivery at set times so that they can continue shopping." Deliv charges on a per-address basis, not per-package.

The Journal notes that "Deliv’s expansion follows Google’s recent moves to offer its Google Express same-day delivery service in more stores and cities; while is preparing its first brick-and-mortar locale for quicker drop-offs within Manhattan … Amazon has driven much of the interest in same-day delivery by opening a growing number of warehouses near urban centers, as well as the recent expansion of its Fresh grocery service to Brooklyn. A crop of startups and established companies offer same-day delivery as well, including eBay, Wal-Mart, Postmates and Instacart."
KC's View:
I suspect that there will be a ton of these sorts of alternatives coming out of the woodwork. Not all of them will succeed. But they are building on the growing desire for this kind of convenience, a desire that companies ignore at their own peril.