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Bizrate reports on the results of a new survey showing that 63 percent of Americans are not familiar with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.

However, the story goes on, "among those that are familiar with the Chinese ecommerce brand, two-thirds (65%) are likely to browse or purchase from it. Of the very small number of U.S. online shoppers who have already interacted with Alibaba in the past (11%), most (80%) are likely to do so again once it launches in the U.S.

"A third (35%) of shoppers had reservations about interacting with Alibaba and said they would not even browse, let alone make a purchase, from a Chinese ecommerce company."

• The Washington Post had a story over the weekend about how "the success of craft beer hasn't been lost onto the soda industry," and that Pepsi is trying to replicate that success with its new test beverage, Caleb's Kola, which is part of "the soda industry's latest stab at stemming the country's growing disinterest in soda."

However, there remains some skepticism about whether this experiment will work, in part because beer "can have a much more nuanced flavor profile than soda, which could put a cap on craft soda's popularity. " In addition, "when people drink soda, they're happy to drink big brands in a broad range of settings. And that could undercut the appeal of a craft soda, which implies a premium quality and concept the market doesn't necessarily need or, even, necessarily want."
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