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Gone Girl is one of the more depraved movies I've seen lately … and I thought it was terrific.

The movie, based on the best-selling novel by Gillian Flynn (which I have not read), details the marriage of Nick and Amy Dunne, which moves from bliss to suspected murder. The movie pretty much starts out with the discovery by Nick, played by Ben Affleck in perhaps his best film performance to date, that his wife is missing and that it appears that an act of violence has taken place in their Missouri home. With every passing day, suspicions grow that Nick is responsible, and we see via flashbacks that Amy (played to a virtuoso turn by Rosamund Pike) seems to have been increasingly unhappy in her marriage.

My understanding is that the movie hews fairly closely to the novel, but director David Fincher does an excellent job of keeping the audience off-balance and (according to Mrs. Content Guy, who did read the book) keeping the material fresh. And, there are some excellent supporting performances, especially by Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris.

In Gone Girl, very little is what it seems to be … except for the fact that it is Hollywood filmmaking at its best. Depraved, but completely engrossing.

That's it for this week. Have a great weekend, and I'll see you Monday.

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