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GeekWire reports that Neil Ashe, CEO of Global E-Commerce for Walmart, talked at the GeekWire Summit in Seattle about how the company's online business is integrated with the bricks-and-mortar business.

"When asked about how small Walmart’s e-commerce business is compared with Amazon’s, Ashe said that he didn’t consider the chunk of the company he oversees to be separate from its physical retail operations. Moreover, he said that the future of retail won’t be online-only or only in stores. 'What’s interesting about the general conversation about the future of commerce is that it’s a conversation of ‘or,''Ashe said. 'Are you buying online, or are you walking into the store?' He disagreed with that sentiment, arguing that consumers buy where it’s most convenient, either online or in retail.

“'We want you to shop at Walmart because we want you to trust Walmart and Walmart can serve you better than anyone else,' he said."
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