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by Kevin Coupe

Okay, I know that convenience and speed are a high priority in our modern culture.

But this is ridiculous.

USA Today reports that a Saginaw, Michigan, funeral home has installed a drive-up viewing window "that displays a body set up in a special area inside the building with a raised and tilted platform for the casket.

"Curtains over the window automatically open when a car pulls up, and mourners get three minutes to view a body as music plays overhead.

"There also a deposit opening for leaving donations, cars or memory items. And behind a door is a retractable guest book that drive thru mourners can sign."

According to the story, "the drive-up window is only used when indoor visitation is not taking place, he said, and the viewing area can not be seen from the inside of the funeral home."

While the owner of the Paradise Funeral Home says that the idea was hatched to allow people who ordinarily might find it hard to pay their respects to do so., he also said that the home also goes to other extreme, offering "a silver, horse-drawn carriage to bring the dead to nearby cemeteries."

It amazes me about this is that it is in Saginaw and not Las Vegas.

But regardless … it's an Eye-Opener.
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