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The Chicago Tribune reports that Macy's Inc. said this week that its Macy's and Bloomingdale's department store divisions "plan to test same-day delivery for products purchased on their websites," a move that puts them in "the growing ranks of retailers trying to compete with superfast delivery options offered by e-commerce sites like Amazon."

A total of 50 stores in eight Macy's markets and four Bloomingdale's markets will participate in the test, beginning this fall. "The service will be powered by Deliv, a Silicon Valley-based startup that uses crowdsourced drivers to pick up orders from local stores and deliver them. The maximum delivery distance is 15 miles," the story says.

Pricing for the service has not yet been announced.
KC's View:
It is the crowdsourcing of the delivery option that has me a little bit concerned about the efficacy of this initiative. Not that I'm against crowdsourcing on principle, but I think that retailers need to take ownership as much as possible for the whole experience … because the shopper is going to give them credit or blame them for the whole experience, regardless of how it is accomplished.

Putting such a major part of the experience into someone else's hand is risky. You gotta own it!