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Consultancy Brand Keys is out with a new study saying that "demographics and associated core values of generational cohorts" are driving the failure "of fast food brands and the success of fast-casual brands."

The study says that Baby Boomers want healthier food and better service, two things that fast food restaurants tend not to do very well. The result: "Baby Boomers reported an 18% decrease in fast food restaurant visitation," while at the same time reporting "a 20% increase in visitation to fast-casual restaurants."

Gen Xers, the study says, "reported an 11% decrease in visitation to fast food restaurants – the lowest decline in the three groups examined – but with an equal increase reported in visitation to fast-casuals. " A desire for speed was cited by this group as being the primary reason for fast food visits.

And Millennials, the study says, "reported a 20% decrease in visits to fast food chains," while 42 percent "reported increased visits to fast-casual restaurants in the past year," with virtually this entire group saying that they are "looking for fast, casual food that they deemed tastier, healthier, and more customized, than fast food."
KC's View:
It isn't exactly the same thing, but I thought it was interesting the other day that there was a story in the paper about how nursing home and assisted living facilities are starting to upgrade their food offerings, bringing in better chefs, and provide residents with a much greater range of healthy options.

The fact is, more and more we are unwilling to simply settle. This is a good thing for the food industry … at least if you are not in the lowest-common-denominator segment of that industry.