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Dave Lewis, the former Unilever executive who this week took over as CEO of Tesco, the troubled UK-based retailer, said this week that changes in management at the company are "inevitable."

"Will there be (management) changes? Let’s be honest, there has to be. We don’t want the trend of our business to carry on … What the nature of those changes will be, you’re just going to have to trust me for a while ... I won’t be making decisions hastily but I will, if I need to, change things. I will make those calls."

The New York Times reports that Lewis concedes that there are no simple solutions: "I’m going to spend some time listening, I’m going to spend some time observing and learning from colleagues as to what it is they think we could be doing … But I do think it’s pretty clear: We have to get back to the core of our business ... We will go back to finding out what it is, be it price, be it service, be it availability, what it is that customers need from us so that they reward us with their loyalty."
KC's View:
What do you think the odds are that the use of printers at Tesco headquarters is going up these days, as a bunch of executives update their resumes?