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by Kevin Coupe

Salon reports that there soon could be a Nutella shortage, owing to an "unusual March weather in Turkey" that "put a strain on the region’s hazelnut crop and driving prices up 60 percent" According to the story, each 13-ounce jar of Nutella contains more than 50 hazelnuts, which means that it is time for Nutella addicts to start hoarding.

Salon goes on to note that "Nutella joins almonds, limes, high-end coffee, olive oil and avocados as the latest example of foods that, as we’re increasingly being reminded, are dependent on specific climate conditions. (While climate change may not be specifically responsible for Turkey’s late-March frost and hailstorms, unseasonable weather and extreme precipitation, in general, are expected to have major consequences for agriculture.)"

In other words, while we're used to having unfettered, economical access to a wide range of products, unstable climate conditions may change that … something to which retailers, manufacturers and consumers may have to acclimate themselves.

It'll be an Eye-Opener.
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