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Advertising Age reports that Greenpeace is sponsoring an online video campaign designed "to pressure such tech players as Amazon and Twitter to get more of their energy from renewable sources such as solar, wind and hydro power." The campaign, the story says, "follows an April report from Greenpeace finding little progress by Amazon, Twitter and some others toward using renewable energy to power their data centers."

It also follows what the story describes as "a similar campaign by Greenpeace and Via two years ago" that prompted Apple to pledge that it will "get 100% of power for its servers from renewable sources." Facebook and Google also are said to have made "substantial progress" on a renewable energy front.

The story goes on to say that "Greenpeace has tried a similar domino approach to changing palm-oil sourcing in the packaged-goods industry, targeting Unilever, Nestle and Procter & Gamble Co. in serial fashion in recent years. Even as it protests companies it sees moving too slowly, it heaps praise on others such as Apple, or P&G competitor Kimberly-Clark Corp., who've cooperated more with the group."
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