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The Oklahoman reports that WinCo, which only recently expanded into North Texas with three Dallas stores, now is planning to open as many as four stores in the Oklahoma City market.

WinCo - which has 95 stores and five distribution centers in Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Oregon, Arizona, Utah and Texas - is not commenting on the report.

According to the story, "In its midyear retail market survey, Price Edwards & Co said that WinCo is negotiating to lease space for three to four new grocery stores in the area. WinCo is eyeing locations in northwest and west Oklahoma City, Moore and Midwest City, said Jim Parrack, senior vice president of retail for Price Edwards … WinCo stores are larger than traditional supermarkets at about 90,000 square feet and focus on a lot of bulk products. While Walmart still controls about 60 percent of Oklahoma City’s grocery market, WinCo is the latest of several competitors to try to change that, Parrack said."
KC's View:
This is not surprising. Once you are in North Texas, expanding up to Oklahoma City makes a ton of geographic sense.

I cannot imagine that the folks at Walmart see this as good news, since I've long been told by Bentonville folks "in the know" that WinCo is one of the companies that tends to keep Walmart executives awake at night. It is, in fact, a terrific retailing machine, with an employee-owned structure and strong value promise that make it a formidable competitor.