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The Wall Street Journal reports on the results of a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll revealing that "despite the steady pace of hiring in recent months, 76% of adults lack confidence that their children's generation will have a better life than they do—an all-time high. Some 71% of adults think the country is on the wrong track, a leap of 8 points from a June survey, and 60% believe the U.S. is in a state of decline."

According to the poll, "Sixty-four percent … said they are still feeling some impact from the recession, down from the 71% who said they initially felt effects from the downturn when it began more than six years ago. Forty percent said someone in their household had lost a job over the last five years, and one of three said someone they live with was forced to take a job with a significantly lower income."

The results are remarkably bipartisan, or non-partisan. The Journal writes that President Barack Obama's "approval rating dropped to 40% in this latest poll from 41% in a June survey, and he notched a disapproval rating of 54%, matching a previous high. Meanwhile, 36% approve of Mr. Obama's handling of foreign policy, compared with the 60% who disapprove—his worst-ever marks.

"Congressional Republicans fared even worse, with 54% of adults viewing them negatively and just 19% expressing positive views, a gap of 35 percentage points. Democrats in Congress were viewed negatively by 46% and favorably by 31%, a difference of 15 points."
KC's View:
Perhaps the grimmest result from the poll are the statements that "seven in 10 adults blamed the malaise more on Washington leaders than on any deeper economic trends," and "79% expressed some level of dissatisfaction with the American political system."

Which makes me wonder, who exactly is part of the 21 percent that is satisfied with the American political system?

This poll makes it clear that the public is dissatisfied. Forgive me, but it is hard for me to believe that it matters who gets elected in the fall midterm elections. I think that Americans largely will remain dissatisfied, and that the political system will remain impotent.