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In western New York State, the Democrat & Chronicle reports that Wegmans plans to open as many as 10 stores over the next couple of years. Wegmans spokesperson Jo Natale says that the plan "is to continue to open new stores in six East Coast states — New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia and Maryland … In 2015, stores are scheduled to open in Alexandria, Virginia, near Washington; Westwood, Massachusetts, near Boston; and in Concordville, Pennsylvania, which will attract shoppers from Chadds Ford, Philadelphia and northern Delaware."

Wegmans currently has 84 stores.
KC's View:
Curious, don't you think, that the one state Wegmans seems to have missed in its run up and down the eastern seaboard is Connecticut? Maybe it is a real estate issue … but you'd think that Wegmans would be able to find a location for at least one of its "smaller" formats.