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A new survey from Forest City and Alexander Babbage says that "shopping ranks as a favorite activity among nearly half of all teens and young adults aged 13 to 24.  Shopping at malls ranked above a virtual shopping experience among the entire group, with the 13-to-17-year-old age group showing the strongest preference for a bricks-and-mortar shopping experience."

Of the key shopping influences, the survey says, "friends and in-store displays topped the list.  In fact, the study found that young shoppers are four times more likely to be influenced by friends and three times more likely to be influenced by in-store displays than by social media.

"The survey also found that teens and young adults are more deal-oriented than generally expected.  In addition to finding a deal, young shoppers seek an experience that delivers individuality, authenticity and uniqueness.  Results also show that teens and young adults visit large shopping centers more frequently and spend more money there than at any other virtual or physical shopping venue."
KC's View:
Sure, they like shopping at malls with their friends. It is all about community. Plus, they're young … they've got nothing else to do.

Any suggestion that this trend means that these young people won't embrace online shopping as they get older is simply nonsense.