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by Kevin Coupe

Interesting story from the San Diego Union-Tribune about a La Jolla Domino's pizza, which last Friday turned off its phones for an entire day, "offering a half-off discount for all menu-priced pizza purchased online to encourage people to order using digital channels."

According to the story, "This will be the first Domino's store in the U.S. to go all-digital. Online orders account for about 40 percent of the company's sales, and that percentage is significantly higher in La Jolla … About 69 percent of consumers order food online using a smartphone or tablet, according to a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which found restaurant-specific app downloads are on the rise."

I just thought that this was interesting …. an indicator of how dramatically consumer behavior has changed in just a few years, and a total Eye-Opener.

I have to admit that I've signed onto this trend. I've been ordering pizzas by phone for years, but when my local pizza parlor started taking online offers, I found that it was faster, more accurate (I never get olives instead of onions, or pepperoni instead of peppers), and even cheaper, since they offer a small discount for online offers.

But I don't care about the discount. I just care about getting it right and getting it fast, and the online process simply works better. It has been an Eye-Opener.
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