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companies that were once digital-only … are seeing the value of hanging up shingles in malls and bustling shopping streets."

To be clear, the story says, "Of the thousands of merchandisers dedicated to working on the Web, only a relatively small group has opened a physical space, analysts say. But in going back to the industry's shopkeeping roots, these merchants are acknowledging that no matter how easy or efficient a website is, some people still like to browse the old-fashioned way."

Among the retailers cited in the story are Nasty Gal, Birchbox, Bonobos, and JustFab.
KC's View:
I think it is noteworthy that most of the retailers mentioned in the story as having a new interest in bricks-and-mortar retailing are fashion companies. I'm not sure that every online retailers would make the same decision.

But I also think that every retailer should do what is best to communicate with its customers. For some it will be all-online, and for others, it will be some combination. Less often it will purely bricks-and-mortar, just because of how consumers are changing, but anything is possible.

Not only does this min-trend not surprise me, but I actually think it makes sense … on a case-by-case basis.