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Starbucks chief digital officer Adam Brotman told the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference that the retailer "will soon begin testing a new service that will allow customers to place an order from a mobile device and pick it up in the store," the magazine reports.

According to the story, "Brotman said that Starbucks will be rolling out the program in a single undisclosed market 'later this year.' Customers must be a member of the company’s loyalty program to use the digital service. Brotman said that the coffee chain must demonstrate that it can create a 'seamless connection' between the digital ordering experience and the in-store pick-up. If all goes well, Starbucks will take the program national. 'If it’s done right, it could power the company to a whole next level,' said Brotman. 'But if it’s not it could hurt the brand. When we feel that it’s great then we’re going to roll it out nationally'."
KC's View:
Starbucks, let's remember, is a retailer where the CEO's main job is figuring out how to be relevant in the digital age. And there is no doubt in my mind that they'll figure how to make this both seamless and effective.