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The Associated Press reports that Staples, conscious of the degree to which it is doing battle for its very existence with online alternatives, plans to build on its current price-matching policy by giving shoppers "10 percent off the difference between its price and the competitor's price for an identical product. The offer starts on June 29 and will end the first week of September."

That's in addition to a series of weekly deals what what it calls "everyday low prices" throughout the store.

According to the AP, "The moves by Staples, slated to be announced Tuesday, underscore how the office supplies retailer needs to step up the price game for what's expected to be a fiercely competitive back-to-school season, the second most important sales period behind the winter holidays. Late last year, Staples said it would match prices of for purchases made both online and in store. Prior to last year's steps, Staples honored prices with items sold on"

Beyond that, the story notes, Staples is feeling pressure to compete with Walmart's new Savings Catcher program, which allows customers to go to Walmart's website and compare prices on some 80,000 products with those of competitors. If Savings Catcher finds lower prices at a competitor, the shopper gets the difference in the form of money placed on a Walmart gift card.
KC's View:
This just shows the degree to which retailers have to go to retain business that used to flow quite naturally through their doors. I can remember how for years the first stop we'd make when school began was to the local Staples for all the various school supplies the kids needed. It was just natural. But not so much anymore … and Staples now has to work hard just to not lose business, much less gain any sort of momentum.