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CNBC reports that in the wake of last week's announcement by Amazon that it will begin selling its own smartphone, consumers remain at least a little skeptical: "In a survey of almost 600 American adults conducted by SurveyMonkey, three-quarters of respondents said they wouldn't consider switching from their current phone to the Amazon Fire. Thirty-four percent said it was because they loved their current phone, 29 percent cited the Fire's exclusive deal with AT&T and 16 percent said the Fire is too expensive."

Indeed, "Sixty percent of those polled said they were unaware of Amazon's announcement. Of those who knew the phone was announced, 72 percent couldn't remember the name."
KC's View:
I wonder what the biggest hurdle will be for Amazon's Fire Phone: the fact that it is a high-end phone, or the fact that it seems to be such a naked tool for encouraging people to buy more stuff on Amazon?

I think it'll be the latter. I'm not sure this is an unsurmountable problem, but I do think it could be an issue.