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USA Today reports this morning that Target, which has a less than impressive image among Millennials, "is trying to win the hearts — and clicks — of Gen Y with a heavy hand on mobile and new digital initiatives, including an overhaul of the company's wedding and baby registry business, integrated shopping lists with live store maps, and tests of same-day delivery for some online orders."

And, the story says, "in a first-ever ad campaign for Target's digital services launching this weekend, the brand will heavily market these new features as a convenience proposition to young couples and families. No time to shop after having your first child? Order everything online and pick it up the same day."

Target also is developing a mobile application that "allows users to build shopping lists that tell them exactly where in a store to find each item," is building a personalization function that will allow it to offer more customized recommendations to online shoppers, and will begin using some 140 of its stores as warehouses for online orders, which will allow it to expedite delivery times.
KC's View:
It is a measure of how myopic retailers like Target have been that until 2011, it didn't even run its own website … it outsourced that job to (wait for it!) Amazon.

It has a lot of catching up to do …. go on its website now, and there is very little that is distinguishing or differentiating about it.