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Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Starbucks, "which acquired San Francisco chain La Boulange Bakery in 2012, will on June 12 open a restaurant in Los Angeles called La Boulange. Unlike its bakeries (and competitor, Le Pain Quotidien), which close by about 7 p.m., the La Boulange restaurant will serve dinner until 10 p.m. The menu starts with the  bakery’s menu of sandwiches, salads, and omelets and adds such later-in-the-day options as croissant burgers, cocktails, beer, and wine."

The story goes on: "It’s easy to see why Starbucks wants to enter the dinner market. After sundown, the cafe chain largely loses to competitors such as Panera, which racks up 22 percent of its sales at dinner. Starbucks has already announced an 'Evenings' menu at its cafes - and will no doubt try to apply any lessons to its new restaurant."
KC's View:
I guess the real question is whether Starbucks will attempt to apply the lessons of its new restaurant to its coffee shops. I'm on board for the notion that some Starbucks can successfully offer beer, wine and snacks at night … but if they start cooking croissant burgers in the back, I may be less enthusiastic.