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The Toronto Star reports that Walmart Canada is eliminating 750 jobs, which it describes as "less than one percent of our Canadian workforce," which is part of a restructuring move which has had "approximately 1,300 associates … promoted to more senior positions." In addition, "approximately 200 new store management roles have been added."

“We tested this new management structure in select stores across Canada over the past six months and have received positive feedback from both our customers and associates," says Walmart spokesperson Alex Roberton. "The new management structure makes more of our associates available during peak shopping periods when our customers need us the most, and gives our associates greater access to their managers for their ongoing career development."

Roberton went on to say that Walmart Canada "will create 7,500 new jobs in Canada this year alone including trade and construction jobs."

The Globe and Mail notes that Walmart Canada "had 389 stores and more than 95,000 associates as of March."
KC's View:
Funny how sometimes one's view of such initiatives is influenced by knowledge of the people involved. Since I know Shelley Broader, and I know what a premium she traditionally has placed on engaged and motivated employees in past roles, I tend to believe that this is what she's going for in her role as president/CEO of Walmart Canada.