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The New York Times has an interesting piece about Instacart, the online personal shopping service that has been expanding rapidly in recent months. An excerpt:

"Instacart might not sound like a novel service. It is one of several companies that is trying to revive a dream first floated, and then shelved, during the last dot-com boom — the dream of ordering your staples online and having them show up at your door a short while later. At least a half-dozen firms offer grocery delivery across the country, including’s AmazonFresh, FreshDirect, Peapod and services run by big grocery chains.

"But behind the scenes, Instacart is unusual and intriguing. It operates according to a decentralized business model that borrows from services like Uber, Airbnb and other firms in the so-called sharing economy. And it is not only potentially lucrative, but also could redefine how we think about the future of labor."

You can read the entire story here.
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