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The Wall Street Journal reports that a recent global survey by the McCann advertising agency revealed that "84% of respondents said they’re aware that companies track the websites they visit to suggest products they might like. Seventy-one percent of respondents in the survey, including 58% in the U.S., worry about the amount online stores know about them."

The survey also revealed that "65% of shoppers are willing to share data so long as they understand the benefits for them," that "52% of respondents said shopping is too impersonal these days and said they are concerned about how much retailers rely on data and algorithms," and that "57% of those polled said they worry that they will not be able to discover new things if companies always show them things that they have expressed interest in previously."
KC's View:
I think there is a lot of concern about this, but I also believe that younger folks are willing to trade personal information for offers that they perceive as being relevant and appropriate. That's what marketers need to aim for … being as relevant and targeted as possible.