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Albuquerque Business First reports that a new Planet Retail study suggests that the average grocery store size in the US will shrink from 25,500 square feet to less than 24,000 square feet by 2018, and that convenience will become more than location in shoppers' minds.

“Convenience, convenience, convenience may soon replace location, location, location as the retail mantra. Small-box convenience stores will be among the fastest-growing banners through 2018 with the likes of Walmart Express and Dollar General Market leading the charge,” Sandy Skrovan, research director for Planet Retail, tells the paper, adding, "Everyone covets convenience – shoppers and retailers. Busy lifestyles – two working parents, hectic home and job schedules, lengthy commute times – are driving up demand. Modern meal preparation and eating habits speak to a move toward on-the-run, grab and go consumption.”

Which means, Skrovan says, that suppliers are going to be pressed to offer more innovative options as they fight for a decreased amount of shelf space.
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