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The Wall Street Journal reports that Kellogg Co. has made a deal with Danone that will result in some of its cereal being used as mix-ins for Dannon yogurt.

The story says that "Danone’s YoCrunch brand is known for mix-ins on top of its yogurt cups, which include granola, Oreos and M&M’s. The deal with Kellogg to do the same with Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops in YoCrunch Cereal Bowls that are hitting shelves this spring is the first for breakfast cereal, executives said, and a sign of the times for the morning meal."

It is hardly a new idea. The story says that "YoCrunch claims that about 40% of people who eat yogurt put cereal in it."
KC's View:
One can only imagine what the makers of Fed Up, the new documentary about how sugar in food products is addicting and hurting the health of Americans, would say about this mash-up.

BTW…I'll be reviewing Fed Up tomorrow on MNB.