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The New York Times reports that Nestlé-owned Stouffer's "is introducing a series of commercials that aim to shift the perception among some consumers that processed frozen meals are not as tasty or nutritious as freshly prepared meals."

Total frozen food sales, according to a Mintel study, have dropped five percent since 2008, from $8.48 billion to $8.04 billion.

A company spokesman says that the ads are designed to address "consumer misperceptions over the quality and nutrition that our frozen meals offer," and that it is agreed that the company needs "to educate the people about what frozen meals can offer in terms of ingredient quality and the nutrition profile of our meals.”
KC's View:
I was fascinated to read this story, mostly because, when I thought about it, I'm pretty sure that with the exception of a couple of frozen pizzas and frozen french fries, I don't think I've bought any frozen food in 35 years. And they're right - frozen food has the kind of image that means I probably won't be buying any for the next 35. And I'm not sure that any commercials can fix that problem.