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CNet reports that Facebook had a very good first quarter of 2014, delivering "more of everything to its paying clients, specifically the things they really care about like clicks, impressions, and revenue … Clicks on Facebook ads were up 70 percent year-over-year and 48 percent quarter-over-quarter, while ad impressions also grew 40 percent and 41 percent, respectively."

The story sums it up this way: "In other words, more ads are going out and more people are seeing them, which should equate to more profit for Facebook and better results for advertisers."

"Facebook's revenue per visit is continuing to grow when everyone else's went down," says Tamara Gaffney, an analyst with Adobe, which did the research. "That tells me that the paid media program for Facebook, for retailers, is more of a core to their buy, meaning that even when their budget is smaller, they're still buying on Facebook, whereas they probably stopped buying on some of the other social media networks as much."

CNet goes on to say that "for retail sites, Facebook was also an increasingly important source of revenue as referral traffic generated $1.24 per visit, up 2 percent from the previous quarter and 11 percent from the same quarter last year. Other social networks such as Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr showed substantial year-over-year growth in revenue per visit, but quarterly declines, meaning they were less desirable platforms outside the hot holiday shopping seasons."
KC's View:
I put this one in this morning for all those folks who may be thinking that social media doesn't matter, that they can continue to rely on traditional means of communicating with customers. (You know you're out there…)