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According to a website called The Bookseller, the BBC is running a two-part program about Amazon that revealed the following fact - that more than half of Britain's online retail dollars/pounds are spent on Amazon's website.

Furthermore, apparently in the UK there are at least some people who use "Amazon" as a verb, not a noun. One shopper told the BBC, "If I want to know something, I’ll Google it. If I want to buy something, I’ll Amazon it."

That's not to say everybody is a fan. At least part of the program was devoted to publishers suggesting that Amazon is working toward a near monopoly: "The general feeling is that it is wonderful and terrifying in equal measure," says one publisher. "There is no escaping the fact that Amazon is a dominant force and monopoly is never good for business and it is certainly not good for consumers."
KC's View:
I'm a pretty consistent Amazon user, but I'm not sure I've ever used the word as a verb before. I kind of like it … and I can imagine Amazon turning it into a marketing campaign. ("Do you Amazon?")