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One of the things we talk about a lot here on MNB is the importance of transparency - not just in terms of product ingredients, but also in terms of company thought processes. It would be my feeling that since consumers have more access to information than ever before, it makes sense for companies to use accessible technology to tell shoppers not just what they are selling, but what they are thinking. Call it a sign of respect.

Which is exactly what Wegmans is doing when it comes to GMOs. Mary Ellen Burris, the company's legendary senior vice president of consumer affairs, has posted an article on the company's blog that addresses the subject of GMOs is food, noting that Wegmans has "drilled down" on the subject over the past two years, trying to understand both science and perception and make an informed and intelligent decision about how to deal with the issue.

In the blog posting, which you can and should read in its entirety here, Burris explains the subject in an accessible manner, and then concludes:

"We believe in offering you choices you can trust that provide health, help and value. We think it is now time for the FDA to officially formalize approval for food produced by GMO technology, before it is released. This would assure us all that all future GMO products meet the well-recognized food safety standards no matter what country or company develops them. We also believe that a national standard should be created for labeling non-GMO products."

I am sure of several things. This posting will get read - a lot. This posting will generate intense debate from both sides of the issue.

But mostly, I am sure that I respect the fact that Wegmans is dealing with the subject, approaching it intelligently and treating its customers as if they are intelligent.

Check it out.
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