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by Kevin Coupe

Okay, this is one of the weirder ideas I've ever heard of.

USA Today writes that KFC has developed a prom season promotion that consists of "corsages showcasing the Colonel's famous fried chicken drumsticks resting on a bed of baby's breath. The corsage kits sell for $20 and come with a $5 KFC gift card so teens can select their preferred style of chicken (Original Recipe, Extra Crispy or Kentucky Grilled Chicken), according to Nanz & Kraft's website, the florist company working with KFC on the promotion."

The kits can be ordered online, and then customers go to their local KFC to get the chicken to attach to the corsage. And then, one presumes, it is off to pick up their dates.

According to the folks at Nanz & Kraft, the kits are selling like hotcakes. (Albeit hotcakes that smell like chicken.)

When I saw this story, I immediately checked the date. But it seems legit.

Weird, but legit.
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