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• The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon has found a new use for the locker installations that it has been installing in public places like convenience stores and public garages over the past few years, which gave people the option of having items delivered to a location other than their homes or workplaces. It now is allowing customers to make returns to the lockers, the story says, which is actually providing Amazon with some cost savings.

According to the story, "For returns Amazon sends a code to open a specific cabinet in a locker where customers can leave their merchandise for UPS or other carriers to retrieve. The service presumably will save Amazon some costs because the carriers will already be visiting locker sites for drop-offs.

"Nonetheless, Amazon appears to be charging the same rate for returns through lockers as for drop-offs at UPS sites. Consumers have one business day to drop off their packages, which must be no larger than one cubic foot to fit in a locker, according to Amazon’s website."
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