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The Courthouse News Service reports that the Dallas City Council has "approved the 'environmental fee' ordinance that will require retailers to charge customers 5 cents for each single-use carryout bag, plastic or paper. The ordinance will take effect on Jan. 1, 2015 …  The city will spend the money on the costs of the registration program, purchase and distribution of reusable carryout bags, public awareness programs against single-use carryout bags and environmental clean-up programs."

The story notes that the city of Austin "adopted a total ban on single-use bags in 2013, which brought a lawsuit by the Texas Retailers Association." The Courthouse News Service suggests that the Dallas vote increases "the odds of litigation by retailers tasked with charging customers for their use."
KC's View:
An MNB reader wrote to me yesterday about this, noting that "when a Texas city does this, you might think the idea is gaining in traction. "

I agree. This is an idea that is slowly gaining acceptance around the country, and retailers would be better of embracing it than fighting it.