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The Nielsen Company is out with a new study is out with a report saying that "seventy percent of consumers are already aware of “wearables,” and about one in six (15%) of them currently use wearable tech—such as smart watches and fitness bands—in their daily lives."

The report goes on to say that "the majority of wearables owners are young, with nearly half (48%) between 18-34 years old, and men and women are equally likely to don wearable tech. Perhaps not surprisingly, three-quarters of wearables owners consider themselves 'early adopters' of technology (while only 25% consider themselves 'mainstream'). And to support their love of the latest devices, these digital trendsetters typically have more disposable income, with 29 percent making over $100,000. Among wearable tech owners, fitness bands were the most popular devices (61%), followed by smart watches (45%) and mHealth (mobile health) devices (17%)."

And, Nielsen writes, "Nearly half of Americans surveyed expressed their interest in purchasing wearable tech in the near future. But cost will likely be a limiting factor - 72 percent of users said they wish wearables were less expensive. Another barrier to entry could be fashion, as 62 percent said they wish wearables came in forms besides wrist bands and watches, and 53 percent wanted wearable devices that look more like jewelry. This market will likely continue evolving - consumers are already looking for new form factors in wearable designs, including smart glasses and textiles, for their future purchases."
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