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Salon reports that San Francisco may soon become "the first major U.S. city to rid itself of the scourge of plastic water bottles," as the city's Board of Supervisors has "approved an ordinance to ban their sale at events held on public property" and prohibiting "the sale of drinking water in single-use bottles 21 ounces or less on city property, starting on Oct. 1 for indoor events and in 2016 for those held outdoors. The ban exempts footraces and other athletic events and gives food trucks and large nonprofits, such as the annual Gay Pride Parade, until 2018 to comply. It also allows some groups to apply for waivers and encourages the city to increase the number of water refilling stations in public spaces."

San Francisco Supervisor David Chu says that "one goal of the legislation is to get people thinking about the waste, much like the city’s plastic bag ban, which has dramatically increased the number of consumers who use reusable bags."
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