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The Atlantic has an interview with Gibu Thomas, Walmart’s senior vice president of mobile and digital, in which he addresses the importance of mobile marketing to the retailer's broader strategic goals.

The reason?

"If you look at industry data," Thomas says, "what you see is that mobile-influenced in-store sales are double that of the entire e-commerce opportunity. By 2016, e-commerce sales are projected to get to about $345 billion in the U.S. 'Mcommerce' sales - online sales through a mobile device—are projected to get to about 10 percent of that number. But if you look at mobile-influenced offline sales in that same time frame, they’re projected to reach more than $700 billion."

And so, Thomas says, Walmart is working hard to "harmonize" the in-store and mobile experience.

Interesting story … especially because Walmart seems to have a specific vision for how this mobile strategy will be relevant to its budget-conscious consumers. You can read the interview here.
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