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NBC News reports that "two women and one man are dead after a shooting inside a Martin's Super Market grocery store Wednesday night" in Elkhart, Indiana.

According to the story, "Police shot and killed the gunman, a 22-year-old white male, who lived in the area. They say the gunman had his weapon pointed at a third person when he arrived, then pointed the gun at them before they fired the fatal shots … The victims are described as a 44-year-old female shopper and a 20-year-old Martin's employee … The relationship, if any, between the two victims and the shooter is unknown. Police said the victims' bodies were found 10-12 store aisles apart."

An investigation into the shooting continues.
KC's View:
Schools. Shopping malls. Retail stores. It never seems to stop. To be honest, I am not a product of a gun culture, so some of this stuff is beyond my experience. I am sympathetic to the constitutional issue, though I am not a constitutional absolutist (not even on free speech guarantees) …. and I know that sensitivities on this issue run so high that Ive hesitated in the past to comment.

But I'm tired of hesitating.

I figure it is only a matter of hours before someone stands up to suggest that if all the checkout people had been armed, this might not have happened. Which strikes me as utterly nuts.