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The Wall Street Journal this morning reports that eBay "plans a new marketplace for brands to sell directly to consumers." The online site, called "The Plaza," would be separate from eBay's traditional online auction site.

The goal of "The Plaza," the story says, would be to allow eBay to compete for effectively against Amazon as well as allow manufacturers to find new and more direct ways to connect with consumers.

eBay is not commenting on the reports.
KC's View:
We can put this in the "everybody is competing with Amazon" file, as well as the "manufacturers are open to ways to circumvent traditional retailers" file.

Yet more evidence that traditional retailing is under attack from numerous directions. It isn't like bricks-and-mortar retailing is going to go away. However, there are so many companies looking to create alternatives to old-world retailing that it would be foolish if traditional businesses did not look for new ways to compete and find a place in the new continuum.