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by Kevin Coupe

Okay, I've heard that it is important to give customers what they want.

But…the feeling of going down within the Titanic?

Reuters reports that there is a new theme park in China being built with an unusual feature - it will have a life-sized replica of the Titanic, along with "a shipwreck simulation to give visitors a harrowing sense of the 1912 disaster … The simulation will allow several hundred people at a time to feel what the shipwreck was like."

"When the ship hits the iceberg, it will shake, it will tumble," says Su Shaojun, CEO of the Seven Star Energy Investment Group that funded the project. "We will let people experience water coming in by using sound and light effects ... They will think, 'The water will drown me, I must escape with my life'."

Which is exactly what I'm looking for in a vacation.

However, perhaps this is marginally better than the last Titanic-themed project that made the news (and MNB, because I can't help myself) a couple of years ago. In that case, an Australian billionaire announced that he was building a full-scale replica of the doomed Titanic called Titanic II, that will be just as luxurious but will have "state-of-the-art 21st-century technology and the latest navigation and safety systems." Not to mention being designed "so it won't sink.”

Which we've all heard before.

But I suppose, when it comes to a Titanic-themed experience, I'd rather have a simulation than actually go out on the real ocean on one.
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