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The Wall Street Journal reports that Staples is retiring its longtime slogan, "That Was Easy," and replacing it with a new one, "Make More Happen," which is designed to focus "on how Staples' expanded product assortment helps businesses succeed. The campaign showcases the new Staples, the world's second largest internet retailer with more products in more categories with more ways to shop. The brand re-launch includes a twist on Staples' iconic logo and the first change to its tagline in more than 10 years."

The story also notes that "to reinforce that Staples is adding thousands of new products beyond office supplies every day, the company is changing its logo by removing the 'L'-- the iconic, bent staple."
KC's View:
I've been consistently impressed with Staples' efforts to make itself more relevant to a changing business community, trying to become a resource as opposed to just a source of product. Which, it seems to me, is a critical shift if the business is be sustainable long-term.