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Bloomberg reports that in a new study it conducted measuring the online availability of a basket of 100 toys, Amazon surpassed Target, Walmart, Toys R Us and Kmart in terms of in-stocks, with 95 percent of the toys available.

Target got the worst score, with just 40 percent availability. The story says that Walmart had 55 percent of the toys available, Toys R Us was at 50 percent, and Kmart was 57 percent.

Of course, it isn't all good for Amazon: "Amazon’s outperformance is in part a testament to the company’s spending spree on warehouses for a growing array of items that can be shipped more quickly to buyers whatever their location, the story says. "While the proliferation of these facilities helps Amazon keep more stuff in stock, it also crimps margins and can lead to losses at the world’s largest e-tailer."
KC's View:
The story notes that in there same study, Walmart had the pricing advantage … though having lower prices is of dubious value when the product isn't in stock.

Though I have to say that the results of the Bloomberg story don't exactly match up with what Target is saying in our next story…