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Reuters reports that employees in Germany are threatening a strike during the upcoming end-of-year holiday shopping season "in a dispute over pay that has been raging for months."

The unions in Germany have staged a series of small strikes to protest what they say is substandard pay; Amazon says none of the strikes have affected deliveries, and that these employees actually receive above-average pay by the standards of logistics workers, which is how it categorizes them.

Now, the unions seem to be playing hardball with new strike threats that could impact Christmas business.

Bloomberg reports that McDonald's is "rolling out an electronic loyalty program in about 570 U.S. locations as stores seek to attract younger customers. Mobile solutions marketer Front Flip LLC has introduced a loyalty application in about 420 McDonald’s stores that rewards customers with free food and other offerings. It is adding another 150 locations in coming weeks ... Customers can win prizes such as free cheeseburgers and buy-one, get-one-free Big Macs after scanning a QR code."
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