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Had to share the following email, received from MNB reader Bryan Silbermann:

I have to share an experience I just had … it relates to making sure that one’s brand image is matched at every step of the interaction with consumers because the image breaks down at the weakest link in the chain
The company:  Lexus.
The back story:  I’ve been a passionate supporter for 18 years my (wife and I both drive them).
The event: I recently had my car’s 30,000 mile service – exceptionally well done as always.
The call: from a company Lexus uses to follow-up on the customer experience.
The reason:  They do this all the time – to see if you have any issues, whether you’d give them a 5 out of 5 for the service experience, and to ask you to respond to the survey every owner gets in the mail.
The hiccup: The young man who called was clearly reading a script, had poor verbal language skills, and simply didn’t match the brand image I expect from Lexus.  I expect precision, accuracy, and flawless execution.  The caller exhibited none of these – though he was very pleasant. 
You may call me a language snob, but this was clearly a case in which the company’s execution of its brand promise didn’t match my expectation of the relationship they’ve created with me.  They did everything perfectly to service my car, but their research execution gave me heartburn.  Lesson learned for our business – every point of customer interaction counts.


And there is nothing wrong with being a language snob.
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