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The Washington Business Journal reports on how, while Giant and Safeway continue to dominate the Washington, DC, supermarket business, there is some erosion taking place as so-called "non traditional sellers of grocery items" - such as discount stores, drugstores and convenience stores - continue to grow their sales.

According to the story, based on a market study from Food World, "Giant and Safeway's combined market share fell to 36.77 percent for the 2012 period, down from 37.33 percent in 2011. The market share of the "alternates," which include general merchandisers and convenience stores, grew to 30.34 percent from 29.65 percent last year."
KC's View:
I think we ought to get rid of phrases like "non traditional sellers of grocery items," just because it paints certain companies as being on the fringe. Increasingly, these non traditional companies are mainstream sellers of food items. It seems to me that consumers don't think that way ... and therefore retailers ought not think that way.