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The Middletown Journal has a nice little story about Dorothy Lane Markets and Jungle Jim's, two Ohio independent food retailers that are highly differentiated reflections of their longtime owners, Norman Mayne and Jim Bonaminio.

Two quotes worth repeating:

From Mayne: “I want to make the time in our store the best it can be ... We may have the best service and the best quality. But we will never be the cheapest."

From Bonaminio: "“If I can make it interesting — whether it be the animations, selection of beer, or service — that is what I want to do. We have taken a negative experience and turned it into a family experience with something for everyone. How cool is that?"
KC's View:
've had the opportunity to interview and get to know both Norman Mayne and Jungle Jim Bonaminio over my career ... and I've always though that the folks who live in that Ohio corridor, with access to both experiences, are among the luckiest food consumers on the planet.