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CNBC has a story about how Walmart is using Big Data to heighten the mobile shopping experience it is able to offer to the 50 percent of its shoppers that it estimates have smartphones.

"Our mobile strategy is as simple as it is audacious. We want to make mobile tools that become indispensable for our customers while shopping in our stores and online," Gibu Thomas, global head of Wal-Mart's mobile division, said yesterday at the CTIA Wireless conference in Las Vegas, according to the story. "Our goal is to create shopping tools that become second nature to the customer, providing assistance with every part of the retail experience from pre-store planning to in-store shopping and decision making to checking out."

Thomas said that the "new breed of mobile-empowered customers is good news for us. Compared to nonapp users, customers with a Wal-Mart app make two more shopping trips a month to our stores and spend nearly 40 percent more each month."
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