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The Norwalk Hour reports that the Connecticut State Senate has passed a bill 35-1 requiring that all food containing genetically modified ingredients ought to be labeled as such.

According to the story, "Senate Bill 802 would require food intended for human consumption that is entirely or partially genetically-engineered to bear the words 'Produced with Genetic Engineering' on their packaging. The phrase must be printed in the same size and font as the ingredients on the product’s nutrition facts panel. Unpackaged raw agricultural commodities must be labeled on their retail shelf or bin.

"The bill imposes similar requirements on seed or seed stock intended to produce food for human consumption, which must bear a label on its holding container. The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection would be empowered to embargo food items which are not appropriately labeled.

"Exemptions from the labeling requirements would include food prepared for immediate human consumption (such as in restaurants), farm products sold at a farmer’s market, roadside stand or pick-your-own farm, and certain processed foods which contain no more than 0.9% of genetically-modified components."

And here's an interesting component of the bill: "If passed, the legislation would take effect on July 1, 2016, or as soon as July 1, 2015 if three of the following states also adopt a GMO labeling law: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania or New Jersey."

The bill now goes to the state House of Representatives.
KC's View:
I know that a lot of you disagree with me on this one. But I continue to believe that transparency is not just the best policy, but also the ultimate weapon for companies looking to change consumer attitudes and behavior.