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by Kevin Coupe

The devastation in Oklahoma has been extraordinary, but no more so than the instant and entirely predictable response of the business community in the hours after that tornado ripped up the lives and belongings of so many people. Almost immediately companies as large as Kroger, Walmart and Target, as well as those much, much smaller, have stepped in do donate money and supplies, and to organize ways to funnel donations from customers to those in need.

Which, every time there is a natural disaster in this country, is exactly what these companies do. When trade associations gauge the extent to which such businesses have an impact on their communities and nation, they ought to factor such moments in. Because they are extraordinary.

Beyond the companies and people that are stepping in to help in myriad ways, I have to say that the people that I most remain in awe of are the teachers. Whenever things are going bad - whether it is a madman with a gun or a tornado bearing down on a small town, the teachers are the ones who throw their bodies over the children to protect them. Always.

A guy I know put it this way: "I've always believed there are angels amongst us and in many cases they pose as teachers."

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