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Internet Retailer has a fascinating piece about a new survey from Bizrate Insights saying that "50.93% of online shoppers had paid sales tax on their most recent online purchase, leaving 49.07% who said they had paid no sales tax."

Two other interesting passages from the story, which can be read in its entirety here:

• "74.94% of respondents said price was a determinant in their decision to complete a purchase online; 60.27% said the purchased item was offered at a discounted price; and 79.01% said the retailer where they completed the purchase offered the best overall price, online or offline."

• "Just over half, or 53.57%, said they had received free shipping in their most recent online purchase."
KC's View:
This is important, because it suggests that all the folks who think that sales taxes on internet purchases will "level the playing field" and suddenly bring Amazon crashing down to earth are, in a word, delusional. And that's because smart e-tailers will continue to offer sharp pricing where it matters, and services like free shipping that will affect consumer behavior.