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by Kevin Coupe

Marketplace, on National Public Radio (NPR), had a story over the weekend about how Jack Ma is stepping down as CEO of Alibaba, the world's largest e-commerce website.

The reason? Ma says he is "a bit too old for the internet."

The eye-opener? Ma is 48 years old.

Marketplace observes: "The idea that a man who is not yet 50 could be 'too old' for any leadership position may strike some as laughable but some analysts say tech entrepreneurship is often a young person's game."


This is a little scary.

I have no ideas if Ma is too old to run Alibaba effectively. That's up to him.

But I do think that it is incumbent on 21st century leaders to be careful not to allow themselves to be beholden to old ideas, old "core values," and old methods of doing things.
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